Build the site you deserve. Without the hassle.

Designing a website by hand is hard and confusing. But don't worry. With Cread you can simply click your website together. Use our curated blocks and helpful tools and you'll be done faster than you think.



Group components together and apply same styling

Grid Rows

Align components in linked columns 


Like containers, but with borders and co


Elements for Heading and paragraphs


Place images, videos and social media posts on your site


Link buttons and text parts

List Groups

Build a repetitive list of containers

Horizontal Rules

Separate site parts with horizontal lines


Build HTML forms with a range of input fields 


Generate tables 


Add a responsive website menu

That's not all

Try our demo to explore more

Curated blocks

Don't want to always reinvent the wheel? Cread has ready blocks of common sections you probably need for your page. Just drop them on your site and spend more time on the elements that make your page unique.


Introduce a new thematic section. Heroes grab your readers attention and make them stay read. You can easily drag one of our ready made heroes on your site and adopt them to your needs.


Don't want to build the header on your one? We have some good looking headers you can directly use.


Present features at a glance. With multiple layouts you can outline your sites content in every perspective you want.


With 5+ footer blocks you definitively find one for your site.


Whether you want to give your readers a quick overview of your plans, or present each detail, we got you covered. Quickly place pricing cards and comparison tables on your site.


You aren't sure where to start? One of our slim starters is a good choice. We have templates for different site layouts and orientations that help you get started. And even better: You can import custom bootstrap templates.

Cover page

  • Bootstrap
  • Ideal for coming soon pages


  • Bootstrap
  • Template for blogs and news pages


  • Bootstrap
  • Slim starter template

Styling tools

Box and Designer Mode

You can switch between boxed placement and designer mode. In boxed layout you can drag your components on the page and they get automatically aligned in the chosen box. The resulting page is fully responsive on any device. Our designer mode lets you drop components everywhere you like. So you have both: Auto-Responsive layout and pixel perfect design.

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Screen size conditions

Want components to be only shown on mobile? And others only shown on desktop? We got you covered. Select an element or group and define on which screen sizes it should appear or be hidden.


Ready to roll your reader's eyes? Animate components the way you like with custom durations and delays.


CSS properties

Control every aspect of your site. We support many css attributes that you can control with our side-panel.

Linked style detection

Components with same classes and no unique id can either be styled together or alone. The editor shows you a message when you're about to edit multiple components.

Editing history

Easily undo or redo changes if you're not satisfied with your changes. 

Code access

Want to dig into the code? Open the code editor and apply custom changes and Javascript while you're designing your site in Cread. The code editor has built in code highlighting and marks sections that are possibly wrong formatted.

Page and media browser

The whole website management is build in: Create a new page from scratch or clone an existing one, choose from a template and directly upload images while you place them on the page.


Edit and preview your website on all formats. You can switch between mobile, tablet and desktop view.

Host where you want. No vendor lock-in.

Cread is selfhostable and requires no database. You can install it on any web hosting server and host your website along with it. The editor has built in authentication blocking third parties from hacking your site. While editing your site, you can save your changes and publish them directly. And of course, you can export your whole website or specific pages and move them to another hosting service.